duurzame materialen in de vorm van glas, hout, linnen, duurzaamheid is het streven van Interisfeer

An environmentally friendly interior

A growing number of people prefer ecological applications for their homes nowadays. Deciding on a natural atmosphere (with matching colours like beige, brown, green or white) and choosing durable materials (like wood, bamboo, natural stone, linen, cotton, wool and rattan) are often the follow-ups.

Simple solutions, starting from the ‘less is more’ concept (originated by the famous German Rohe architect Ludwig Mies), will often create surprising effects.

People opting for sustainability usually also value cost- and energy reduction. An environmentally friendly interior decorator will always try to reflect customes’ lifestyles in their interiors, e.g. by using natural paint and restyling old furniture.

Ewelina Korus van Interisfeer