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In order to be able to perform the work properly, the interior designer also needs inspiration. That’s why I decided to create a separate page with inspiring images, which I created myself and of course with links to companies that have inspired me in different ways.

In November 2018 I visited DOWNTOWN DESIGN in Dubai. During this fair, but also in Dubai itself, I gained a lot of inspiration. 

What struck me was that interior design in Dubai takes little account of the human dimension. However, it all looks very impressive. As an example, I would like to mention the Burj al Arab Hotel here.

Inspiration amazing interior design of Burj al Arab
Inspiration inviting room next to gold elevator Burj al Arab
Inspiration Burj al Arab interior design

Two aspects of the fair that caught my attention in particular were the wall coverings and the lighting. I was really impressed with this, especially from the wall coverings as designed by Purity, as in the pictures left and right below. The company uses different shapes, textures and working methods to effectively combine everything into an insane 3D effect. From the importance I attach to sustainability, I also found it interesting to see how much attention Purity pays to the care of natural materials for bathrooms, sinks, etc. 

The lighting department, with unique decorative objects made of glass, also made a deep impression on me. Lasvit, for example, has given very good thought to the spread of light, as can be clearly seen in a photo of a lamp with a black background. The combination of different shades of warm and cold colors brings a special effect and gives an extra dimension to the interior. 

Lasvit luxory lighting interior design inspiration

I could write a book about all the impressions I’ve gained, but since the visual side is the most important thing in my profession, I’ve only posted a few photos below of the most inspiring things I’ve seen, for example at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.